September 8, 2015


We offer three levels of editing at Larks & Katydids: proofreading, copy/line editing, and content/developmental editing. Yes, we realize these terms are defined different ways by different editors, and that they have become a bit mushy with the onset of indie publishing, so we attempt to define how we use them below. 🙂

We also offer pre-writing developmental work, in the form of outline/storyboard critique. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in that service.

Our stylebook is The Chicago Manual of Style, with backup from The Copyeditor’s Handbook. If you have specific individual styles that deviate from those sources, we can use your stylesheet as well.

In proofreading, we correct things like:

  • typos/spellos
  • homophone errors
  • repeated words
  • punctuation errors

A proofread does not address anything other than objectively incorrect grammar and mechanics.

The rate for this is $0.005-$0.01 per word.

In copy/line editing, we work on things like:

  • awkward phrasing
  • passive voice
  • POV violations (“headhopping”)
  • word choice
  • tense shifting errors
  • transitions
  • sentence length and rhythm
  • sentence structure
  • unrealistic dialogue

A copy/line edit will often include proofreading-level corrections as well, because if we notice an error we are of course going to correct it. However, because we are looking at sentence- and paragraph-level issues, a copy/line edit will not catch everything a dedicated proofread will. Some of our copy/line editing clients tell us they do not require a separate proofreader after. We always recommend one, just to be on the safe side, with us or with another editor/company.

The rate for this is $0.01-$0.02 per word.

In content/developmental editing, we work on things like:

  • high-level structural issues
  • continuity errors and plot problems
  • foreshadowing
  • narrative voice
  • conflict levels
  • theme
  • pacing
  • characterization
  • adding setting/description
  • curbing overwriting

Please note that content/developmental editing is a relatively new service for us, and as such we are only taking a handful of carefully-selected clients.

The rate for this is $0.015-$0.03 per word, depending on how extensive the edit will be. This is determined with you, based on your sample (see below).

Before booking your spot, we will want to see 1-2K of your manuscript for a sample edit. This allows you to see if our style is the right fit for you, give you a price quote, and schedule correctly based on how much work your manuscript is likely to need.

Once we’ve looked at your sample, if you’ve asked us for a level that we think is overkill, we will let you know that a less expensive level of editing is warranted. Conversely, if you’ve requested a level that isn’t adequate to make your manuscript publishable, we will let you know. You are free to decline the more extensive edit, but whether to proceed with a less intensive level of edit is up to the individual editor.

Please do not send us a sample that has been edited/workshopped to a different level of quality from the rest of the manuscript. Send us a sample that truly represents the condition of your full manuscript. Authors who deliver a manuscript in much worse shape than the sample may have manuscripts returned.

We can work with manuscripts in any format that can be read in MS Word, Open Office, or Scrivener, and use a combination of Track Changes (Word/OO), Revision Mode (Scrivener) and Comments (both).

We require a deposit of half the projected fee when you book your edit, so we can hold your spot with confidence. The remainder is not due until we deliver your finished edits.

Important note about accuracy and refunds: While our goal is literally 0% missed errors, we recognize that that’s not generally possible. Careful research (by which we mean Googling “acceptable error rates in editing”) gives us working acceptable-error figures of 0-30%. Hardly a consensus, and while we know 0% is almost certainly not attainable, 30% makes us want to cry. So what’s an editor to do? Here’s what we do: Based on the number of changes made by your editor or proofreader (this is easily found in Word’s “Review” Pane), we will absolutely offer a partial refund if the rate of demonstrable missed errors in your manuscript is 5-10% of the total errors, and a complete refund if the rate is 10% or more. One more reason to give us the cleanest possible manuscript. 🙂

To send us an email and get the ball rolling, click the Get in Touch link at the top of the page or click here and tell us about your project.


I cannot recommend Tammi highly enough. She’s incredibly fast and a detail-ninja of the highest caliber. I’ll be using her exclusively going forward.

  • Chris Fox, bestselling author of the Destroyer trilogy, the Void Wraith trilogy, and the Tech Mage series.

Izzi proofread our Dark Fae FBI series. Her her work was thorough and always on time, with insightful comments along the way.

  • C.N. Crawford, bestselling author of the Vampire’s Mage series, the Demons of Fire and Night series, and the Dark Fae FBI series.

Tammi is worth every reasonable dime and then some. I self-edited my debut novel and it not only took up a huge amount of time, it was also ineffective. I ended up having to un-publish, make many corrections, and then re-publish.Now Tammi is editing my new series and it’s not only relieved me of a great deal of stress, but made the work better as well. Tammi catches everything from the backwards apostrophe to the clunky paragraph and I’m incredibly grateful for her work. Tammi will be editing everything I publish in the future. Indispensable.

  • Dawn Lee McKenna, bestselling author of See You and the Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense series

Izzi does a fantastic job editing my books. I’m thrilled to work with her because her edits are always so thorough and her comments are great. Not only that but she’s fast and I would be lost without her. I always know when I hit publish on a book that it’s the best it can be and I can be confident in my work.

Tammi has edited four of my books already, and has done an outstanding job at it. Not only did she fix all my grammar mistakes (God knows I have plenty), she improved my sentence structures, removed overused words, and made the writing feel more active. In a few instances, she has noticed small plot holes or inconsistencies and helped me fix those as well. She not only made my book right, she made it better.

  • Mike Omer, author of the Glenmore Park Mystery series

Izzi’s editing made a big difference to my manuscript. Her work was fast and thorough and I felt more confident publishing my book once she had Americanized my UK English. I will definitely use her again in the future!

Tammi is incredibly thorough and was able to identify weaknesses in my manuscript that other editors hadn’t found. I love that she’s not only an editor, but a writer as well. It gives her a unique perspective to the process, and lends a sincerity to her feedback that I haven’t found with other editors I’ve hired. I feel so confident releasing my novel now that she has worked on it!

  • Anya Monroe, author of the This Too Is Love, For Sure and Certain, and the Love and Star Stuff series

Izzi delivers thorough editing quickly and with great enthusiasm. She has excellent attention to detail and was a pleasure to work with.

  • Hanna Dare, author of the Sing Out series and the Chasing Cameron series

Jessica did an amazing job editing my book, Loveless in Lipton. She really took the time to understand my writing style and tied it into the edits flawlessly.

  • Zoë Marshall, author of Until it Doesn’t and Loveless in Lipton

Tammi at L&K makes being a writer more fun. I don’t have to stress out about making things perfect on my own. I can focus on crafting a great story, knowing that Tammi is able to step in and whip my manuscript into ready-to-publish shape. Which is awesome because it frees me up to do what I love — write (smutty) stories. She is a gem and I am lucky to have found her!

  • Frankie Love, author of The Mountain Man’s Babies series, the Vegas Bad Boys series, and the Los Angeles Bad Boys series.

Tammi is a kickass copy editor. I thought I’d sent her a clean manuscript with very few errors in it, but when she sent it back I was shocked at all the little mistakes she’d found. Her comments and suggestions are thoughtful and on-point, and my story is definitely better for having been on the receiving end of her (metaphorical) red pen. I would gladly use her editing services again, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants a good, thorough copy edit from an enthusiastic, professional, and speedy editor.

Tammi is an amazing editor. I couldn’t believe how thorough she was in editing my manuscript. I highly recommend her. As authors, we work so hard to craft the best story. She made all that hard work that I did shine. I’m super thankful that I stumbled onto her site, and I’ll be hiring her for every book I write.

  • CeeCee James, author of the Angel Lake mystery series and the Oceanside Mysteries series