September 8, 2015

How It Works / FAQ

  • You see a cover you like.
  • You click the Buy Now button, and pay through PayPal.
  • I get an email with the title of the cover you want, and the email you use for PayPal. Because this is the email I will use to get in touch with you, make sure it is one you have access to.
  • I will contact you within 24 hours at most (usually less) to discuss your title, author name, tagline, what your book is about.
  • I will send you — at no additional charge — three mockups of the cover, using the info you provide and three fonts (the one on the image you chose and two similar fonts you might like as well). Why do I do this? Because I want you to love your book cover. Even just a couple of options make it more likely that the cover you end up with will be as perfect as we can get it.
  • You tell me which one you love, and I will provide you with a JPEG file of the appropriate dimensions for uploading to all the major ebook retailers.
  • I mark the cover as sold, and will never sell it again.

Can you make me a print book cover as well?
Almost certainly. Whenever possible I crop a stock image in such a way that the larger photo itself can be used in a full wrap-around hardback or paperback cover. Frontal Assault, on the Fantasy/Sci-Fi page, is a great example. If that is not possible, I can usually integrate the front cover image into an attractive wrap-around cover. Just ask!

Do you do custom work?
Very little. I make premades as a sideline, when I happen to see an image that I think will make a great book cover for a book that I am not suited to write. If, based on what you see of my work here, you think the custom cover you want is something I could do, feel free to email me at and ask. I’m often willing to try, and I’m honest about when I think something is beyond my skill level. I know many other cover designers and am happy to refer you to a colleague that will be better-suited for your needs.

Can I have the editable file?
Usually, though we’ll have to discuss licensing in terms of what can be done about it. I get my stock images and my fonts from a variety of places, and licensing differs from source to source. If you want the PSD files, you will almost certainly have to license any of the stock images and/or fonts yourself (by purchasing the license from the image/font site, not from me), because my license to use them in creating covers does not stretch to allow me to pass them on to you in that manner. Email me at if you’d like to discuss licensing of specific images/fonts prior to purchase.

Why is there such a wide range of prices?
Each cover is made using one or more stock images, filters, brushes, textures, and fonts. Prices are based on which and how many of these are used, as well as the overall time it took to create the cover. In general, I think you can tell just from looking why one cover might cost more than another.